Cloud Engineering

Revolutionizing IT delivery by providing comprehensive Performance, Availability and Scalability readiness assessments for seamless cloud migration and enabling businesses to leverage the cloud's power and innovation while ensuring a fully optimized environment.

Challenges Businesses Face with Cloud Adoption


Cloud solution performance hinges on both the service provider and the overarching technology, posing challenges in pinpointing issues.


Moving applications between cloud ecosystems presents hurdles like adapting application stacks, managing services, data encryption during migration, and network configuration.


While cloud service providers have a pay-as-you-go model, underutilized resources and unoptimized applications can escalate costs.


Overseeing multiple cloud environments introduces complexity and potential operational inefficiencies.


Migration to the cloud is often more challenging than anticipated, with issues like slow data transfers, cutover complexities, downtime, and post-migration cost optimization.


Marrying cloud solutions with on-premises systems can disrupt operations and business processes.


Exploring Cloud Engineering Excellence: Our Comprehensive Offerings

Different Cloud Engineering covered that are provided in the Cloud Engineering solutions are:

Cloud Migration

Helps identify readiness of your applications for cloud through a combination of architecture review, design review and code review, to provide the assurance that such a migration can be implemented successfully.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Utilize cloud-based monitoring tools to track application performance metrics, identify bottlenecks, and optimize critical components to ensure high performance and responsiveness.

Database Scaling and Optimization

Leverage cloud database services to scale and optimize data storage and processing, ensuring efficient handling of business-critical application workloads.

Application Performance Testing

Utilize cloud-based load testing tools to simulate high traffic scenarios, identify performance bottlenecks, and optimize application performance to handle peak loads.

Microservices Architecture on Cloud

Review and assist implementation of microservices-based architecture using containerization and orchestration platforms like Docker and Kubernetes, enabling better scalability, fault isolation, and deployment of business-critical application components.

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Why Choose Avekshaa for Cloud Engineering

Cloud Transformation Mastery

Avekshaa excels in offering Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) readiness assessments, transforming your IT for optimal cloud-based delivery.

Seamless Cloud Migration

Our solutions provide assurance that your cloud migration is well-equipped for Performance, Availability, and Scalability, ensuring a smooth transition.

Optimization for Cloud Excellence

Avekshaa ensures your applications and environment are optimized for cloud performance, driving efficiency and innovation.

Scalability Emphasis

With cloud platforms often facing surges in load, we focus on scalability, guaranteeing your applications harness cloud's exponential growth potential.

Maximizing Cloud Potential

Avekshaa's solutions unlock your applications' full potential in the cloud, enabling you to leverage its power and innovation capabilities.

Performance-Driven Innovation

By choosing Avekshaa, you align with cloud engineering that prioritizes Performance, Availability, and Scalability, shaping a future of operational excellence.

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A case study of How Avekshaa’s Cloud Engineering solution translated into improved customer satisfaction, increased business opportunities, and a solid market position for the asset management company.

An asset management company was struggling with their cloud-hosted application’s performance, availability, and scalability issues. Partnering with Avekshaa, the company witnessed a remarkable transformation, resulting in the following quantifiable business outcomes:

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