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Proactively prevent and resolve Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) failures in IT systems / Apps Migration, thus preventing business disruption post migration.

Challenges Businesses Face with Application Migration


Sustaining competitiveness demands seamless technology upgrades while avoiding post-migration disruptions.


Ensuring Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) is crucial during IT system transitions.


Business disruption risks post the go-live phase due to performance, availability and scalability issues.


Loss of customer confidence / customer attrition due to inefficient and poorly performing application post migration.


Cost escalations due to sub-optimal performance and efficiency of the upgraded IT system.


Sub-optimal newly migrated application that compromises on user experience and leads to productivity loss for both employees and external users.


Negative impacts on customer service due to the subpar performance of the application after migration.



The dilemma of efficiently allocating resources during migration without hampering ongoing operations often surfaces.

Our Approach to Application Migration

We understand the complexities and challenges that businesses encounter during application migration. Our comprehensive approach is designed to ensure a smooth transition while addressing critical performance, availability, and scalability (P-A-S) issues.

By utilizing Avekshaa Technologies’ unique P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform and our shift-left approach, we consistently identify and address critical P-A-S issues at an early stage and directly at their source during the migration program’s lifecycle.

 We recognize the importance of preventing disruptions post-migration. Our approach involves identifying and mitigating potential P-A-S issues before they escalate, ensuring a seamless transition and minimizing business risks.

 Upgraded IT systems must not only function, but they must also excel. Our approach prioritizes optimal performance and efficiency, guaranteeing that your new systems meet and exceed operational expectations.

Our Migration Assurance solution empowers businesses to eliminate the inherent risks associated with migrating or upgrading IT systems. By leveraging our core technology P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform, we deliver a comprehensive framework that safeguards against disruptions.

 With a deep understanding of application migration intricacies, Avekshaa brings innovative solutions to the table. Our technology-driven approach combines expertise with cutting-edge tools to provide a unique advantage in tackling migration challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to enable a hassle-free transition to the target system. By identifying, mitigating, and resolving P-A-S issues, we pave the way for your business to embrace new technology seamlessly.

Why Partner with Avekshaa for Application Migration?

Seamless Merger-Migration Solutions

Avekshaa is a trusted partner for hassle-free merger-migration solutions, catering to leading organizations and ensuring seamless transitions for critical applications.

Experts in Complex Application Migrations

With a deep expertise in managing complex programs, Avekshaa is equipped to handle even the most complex application migration challenges.

Delivering Reliable, Disruption-Free Migrations

Avekshaa has a track record of delivering hassle-free and risk-free migrations, providing a reliable solution that minimizes disruptions and potential IT failure risks.

100% Success in Safeguarding Businesses

With a 100% success rate, Avekshaa safeguards businesses from IT failure risks, ensuring that the reputation and operations of its partners remain intact.

Complete Migration Solutions for IT Systems

Avekshaa's solution spans various migration types, covering all layers of the technology stack, including migrations of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, to provide a holistic approach for diverse IT systems and applications.

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Hassle Free Application Migration - Client Successes

Our steadfast commitment to seamless migration, fortified by a focus on Performance, Availability, and Scalability, has enabled our clients to achieve remarkable transitions, unlocking new levels of efficiency and business prosperity.

Hassle Free Application Migration for a Large Bank

Successful product upgradation of the Core Banking System on Finacle™ with single day cut over across 4000+ branches, 12000+ ATM and multiple digital channels.

Key benefits delivered to the customer:

Rajiv Sabharwal, Former ED, ICICI Bank Limited

“Recently Avekshaa Technologies has closely and proactively worked with our team and other partners in our complex big bang core banking migration exercise and helped us in our objective to go-live with zero-defect and zero-downtime in a short window of less than 48 hours. Avekshaa experts were engaged in the early stages of our migration program, and provided us with consistent and extensive support throughout this program Working with Performance experts from Avekshaa helped us identify areas for improvement to achieve a significantly higher degree of performance, mitigate technology failure related business risks and achieve this complex goal.

We strongly value our relationship with Avekshaa Technologies in our “Digital journey” to revolutionize the way we serve and delight our customers.”

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