Quality - Digital Assurance CoE

Elevate your digital transformation with Avekshaa's Quality-Digital Assurance Assurance CoE (Q-D CoE) , ensuring agile, customer-centric testing across the entire digital ecosystem for optimized, reliable, and delightful digital experiences. Our four-pronged approach focuses on optimizing the foundational elements of effective QA – people, processes, technologies and governance.

Challenges Faced by Businesses


Inefficient Testing Practices

Traditional quality assurance often relies on siloed, manual testing processes, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.


Rapid Changes and Integration Issues

With frequent changes in software functionality and a need for quick time to market, traditional QA may struggle to keep up, leading to integration issues and failures in production.


Overwhelming demands for new technology and applications

QA is not able to adapt to the frantic pace of change in technology and business priorities and deliver what the business needs fast enough.


Higher than expected production costs and repeated delays in delivery schedules

QA is unable to accurately estimate the time and resources required to release an application into production. Due to lack of cross-project visibility, the right resources are often not available to support critical applications, resulting in production holdups and delaying time-to-market.


Knowledge Retention

The absence of controlled knowledge management structures makes it difficult to retain and apply knowledge gained during testing and analysis. Speed of delivery and depth of insight is compromised with ad-hoc changes in teams and siloed objectives.

Avekshaa Digital First

Avekshaa’s Quality - Digital Assurance CoE

Avekshaa’s Quality – Digital Assurance CoE (Q-D CoE) creates a centralized function, helps improve efficiency, optimizes people/tool utilization, and reduces testing costs. Avekshaa’s ability to set up cross-functional Automation Testing and Engineering CoE in business organizations removes redundancies, streamlines testing processes and hence accelerates the entire software testing life cycle.

The shift to digital-first approach addresses the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation, while keeping agility and customer centricity at the core of our services. We conduct comprehensive testing across your digital value chain encompassing the entire digital ecosystem including cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

Avekshaa’s Quality - Digital Assurance CoE have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises & ISVs across the verticals.

Key Differentiators of Avekshaa’s Quality – Digital Assurance CoE

Agile and Highly-Responsive Testing Services

On average, we have achieved reduced test times of 40% or more resulting in an 80% reduction in test cycle time.

Automation Productivity

Through our testing frameworks, we have been able to achieve more than 50% increase in automation coverage.

Cost Efficiency

Centralizing testing tools and automation frameworks can eliminate redundancy and lead to cost reduction of around 35% over a 3-year time frame.

Better Code Quality

The CoE model delivers better application software, reduced risk of failure and a better customer experience. We have been able to achieve a Defect Removal Efficiency of close to 99% on an on-going basis.

Culture of Quality

The transition from project-based testing to standardized quality processes and toolsets have helped organizations focus on quality issues and speed the evolution to a culture of quality.

Validation and Adherence of High User Experience

On-going measurement and Improvement of User experience to achieve 0.9 and above through a patented Apdex Score.

Our customers adopt both  Quality – Digital Assurance CoE (Q-D CoE) and Performance Testing and Engineering Center of Excellence (PT&E CoE) to have the complete coverage. 

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Facing challenges in adapting your QA to the fast-evolving digital landscape?

Unite with Avekshaa’s Quality – Digital Assurance CoE. Streamline your testing, enhance agility, boost efficiency, and deliver top-tier digital experiences with our comprehensive assurance solution.

Quality – Digital Assurance COE - Client Successes

Our comprehensive quality assurance and digital testing ensure seamless digital experiences, propelling clients towards agile innovation and competitive superiority in the digital marketplace.

Quality – Digital Assurance CoE for a Leading Retail Giant

A leading retail giant with a large digital landscape and a vast e-commerce presence faced critical challenges in meeting schedule adherence, maximizing automation productivity, proactively resolving issues, and minimizing infrastructure costs. Their traditional quality assurance practices struggled to keep up with the demands of a dynamic and competitive market.

 Our Solution

Avekshaa deployed its Quality – Digital Assurance Center of Excellence (Q-D CoE) to revolutionize the client’s quality assurance processes. Our four -pronged approach centralized and standardized end-to-end testing across the organization, optimizing people, processes, technologies, and governance.

Key benefits delivered to the customer:

Our clients simply love our work

Technologies We Have Worked On

Struggling to meet the QA demands of your digital transformation?

Transform your approach with Avekshaa’s Quality – Digital Assurance CoE. Leverage our specialized services to enhance efficiency, slash testing costs, and ensure delightful digital experiences.