Performance Testing and Engineering COE

Avekshaa’s Performance Testing and Engineering Center of Excellence empowers enterprises to achieve higher Performance, Availability and Scalability maturity levels, facilitating faster delivery cycles and enhanced confidence in the delivery process while continuously improving performance, availability & scalability standards for critical applications and change requests.

Challenges Businesses Face


Frequent CR’s change the equilibrium of the system and can lead to issues / failures in production if they are not sufficiently tested before deployment.


Difficult to maintain consistent quality due to absence of centralized and Independent team for performance testing across applications.


Difficult to retain knowledge gained during performance testing and analysis activity in the absence of controlled knowledge management structure.


System is mostly considered as a black box for performance testing with limited exposure or coverage to engineering during the performance testing.


Measurement of KPIs is restricted to Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) and Defect Acceptance Rate (DAR) with no/limited focus on Recommendation Acceptance Rate (RAR).


Success of Load tests achieved in Performance test environment does not have same predictability in production environment.


SLAs are generally defined based on users expectations from the system, especially with Greenfield Implementations – May be wishful and not realistic.


Limited focus on end to end traceability across the technology stack leading to higher TAT in fixing the issue.

Avekshaa’s Performance Testing & Engineering Center of Excellence

Avekshaa’s Performance Testing & Engineering Center of Excellence (PT&E CoE) helps organizations to progressively moves towards higher Performance, Availability and Scalability maturity levels, enables internal teams to shorten delivery cycles and instills greater confidence in the delivery process. We have set up PT&E CoEs that handle the performance gating of critical applications and CRs in our clients’ environment and ensure that the Performance, Availability and Scalability levels are progressively improved even as upgrades and updates are constantly being done.

Inclusion of Performance Engineering takes the value proposition of this offering to the next levels. Here:

1. Instead of relying on the traditional NO-RCA or superficial, tool-based RCA methods, we leverage our expertise and the P-A-S-S™ Assurance platform to unearth deep-level performance, availability, and scalability (P-A-S) bottlenecks throughout the technology stack.

2. For businesses to operate smoothly and to ensure rapid time-to-market, it’s crucial that issues are resolved promptly. We offer solutions for the identified performance, availability, and scalability (P-A-S) bottlenecks and collaborate with the customer and their vendors for swift resolution.

Avekshaa’s Performance Testing & Engineering CoE have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises & ISVs across the verticals.

Key Differentiators of Avekshaa’s Performance Testing Center of Excellence

Performance Optimization Hub

Creating a centralized Performance Gating and Auditing engine which improves the quality, efficiency and productivity of critical applications. We have been able to achieve over 90% of Recommendation Acceptance rate.

End-to-End Traceability Mastery

Tool consolidation and better monitoring strategy to build a robust end to end traceability matrix for critical transaction flow. This is complemented with technical depth across all major platforms in validating configurations across all the 7 layers of technology.

Enhanced Predictive Performance

Better predictability as a result of strong performance testing and optimization processes.

Empirical SLA Enhancement

Adoption of empirical models like (Analytical Hierarchy process, Competitive benchmarking etc.) to ensure SLA definitions are more realistic. Shift right approach to improvising SLA and Technical KPIs across applications already in production.

Virtualization Excellence Model

Building service virtualization toolkits along with adoption of the right hypothecation model to compensate for the difference between PT and production environment. Its proven to be 85% closer to actuality.

Performance-Driven Development

Optimization of Defect Removal Efficiency by running the theme of “Performance Driven Development” through adoption of Lightweight Performance Testing Framework.

Our customers adopt both Performance Testing and Engineering Center of Excellence (PT&E CoE) and Quality-Digital Assurance CoE (Q-D CoE) to have the complete coverage

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Are performance bottlenecks and scalability concerns compromising your IT systems' efficiency?

Elevate your enterprise with Avekshaa’s Performance Testing and Engineering COE for unmatched IT system performance and maturity.

Performance Testing and Engineering COE - Client Successes

Our expertise in performance testing and engineering ensure robust IT systems, driving clients toward peak operational efficiency and market dominance.

Performance Testing and Engineering COE for a Large Bank

One of India’s largest private sector banks operated a vast portfolio of critical applications, including customer-facing applications and payment systems. These applications were sensitive to customer experience and had little tolerance for performance degradation.

Challenges faced by the bank

The bank had 100+ complex applications, making it challenging to manage and ensure the performance and reliability of each application/ IT stack.

Customer-facing applications were business-critical, and any performance issues would directly impact customer satisfaction, potentially leading to customer attrition.
The bank regularly received change requests, underwent transformations, and performed system upgrades, each introducing potential risks to performance and reliability.
Payment systems required zero tolerance for downtime or performance issues, as any interruptions could lead to financial losses and reputational damage.
With a highly competitive market, customer sensitivity to application issues was high, leading to immediate negative feedback and possible loss of business.
Our Solution

Avekshaa deployed its Performance Testing and Engineering Center of Excellence (PT&ECOE) to significantly enhance the client’s quality assurance processes. Our four-pronged approach centralized and standardized end-to-end testing & engineering across the organization, optimizing people, processes, technologies, and governance.

Key benefits delivered to the customer:
Customer satisfaction improved by 20%, as applications became more reliable and responsive, leading to happier customers.
User engagement increased by 25%, with customers spending more time using the bank's services, which led to more transactions.
The bounce rate decreased by 35%, indicating that fewer customers abandoned the applications due to slow performance.
The bank saw a 30% increase in the number of transactions it could handle within the same timeframe, resulting in increased revenue.
Business users, including corporate clients, reported a 30% increase in satisfaction, encountering fewer disruptions in their transactions.
The bank achieved a 99.99% system availability, meeting and exceeding SLAs, thus avoiding financial penalties.
The COE's proactive monitoring and performance tuning efforts significantly improved the applications' serviceability, reducing maintenance and downtime.
Branch users experienced a 20% increase in productivity as they relied on the applications for more services, reducing foot traffic.

Our clients simply love our work

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Struggling with IT system performance issues?

Transform your testing approach with Avekshaa’s Performance Testing & Engineering COE. Leverage our specialized expertise to boost system reliability, speed up your time-to-market, and ensure seamless scalability.