• unlocking-performance

    Avekshaa rated 95%+ 0n Customer Advocacy.

    Avekshaa Technologies rated between 90% to 100% on "Customer Advocacy" according to an analysis of Customer Feedback Project Reports
    for the last six years (2013-2018).

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  • unlocking-performance

    Unlocking Performance Potential

    300,000 uninterrupted transactions and increase in scalability by 10 times without any Hardware upgrade for a cloud-based core banking product

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  • it-related-business

    Proactively Mitigating customer's IT related business risks

    Zero post go-live performance, availability and scalability issues

    "Finacle core banking implementation was one of the most significant steps in the Bank's transformation journey. With able support from Avekshaa, the transformation journey was seamless"

    - Paul Abraham, COO, IndusInd Bank

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  • prevent-technology-failures

    Proactively Prevent Business Disruptions Due to Technology Failures

    Ensured that the CRM system supporting 20,000 concurrent agents stayed active and available at peak loads, 24x7 availability resulted in significant customer satisfaction

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  • solving-complex-issue

    Solving Burning & Complex Issues of Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability in the Business-Critical Systems

    Assured the processing of 108 million telecom billing transactions in a day by optimizing the various billing modules from 200% to 500%

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  • it-system-faster

    Making customer's IT Systems Faster and Efficient

    Scaled up an SMS gateway by 200+% to achieve a throughput of more than 1 million in 18 hours

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  • performing-applications

    Are you losing Revenues Due to Poorly Performing Applications & IT Systems?

    Explore Avekshaa’s P-A-S-S™ Solutions

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  • performance-scability-issue

    Can Performance & Scalability Issues Jeopardize Your Digital Transformation Journey?

    Avekshaa's P-A-S-S™ Solutions delivers predictability & assurance

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