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The Avekshaa Story

Our unwavering passion for technology and our drive to build transformative, meaningful businesses are the bedrock upon which Avekshaa was founded. With a wealth of industry experience and a crystal clear vision, we envisioned Avekshaa not just as another venture, but as an indelible mark in the tech landscape—an organization that would stand tall as our enduring legacy.

In the era when the internet began its rise, emerging as the critical backbone of business engagement for both B2B and B2C, the primary emphasis was heavily on software functionality. However, the tides have shifted. In the contemporary digital age, the central spotlight of attention and innovation is now directed towards what are known as non-functional requirements, the critical quartet of performance, availability and scalability These factors have taken the forefront, shaping the success and resilience of digital ecosystems.

Drawing from our deep understanding and recognition of the importance of performance engineering and management, gleaned from our previous roles, we embarked on the ambitious Avekshaa journey. Our goal was clear: to address and surmount the performance, availability and scalability challenges our customers face, doing so in a way that not only resolves issues swiftly but also fosters a deep sense of trust and confidence.

As we endeavor to elevate Avekshaa into a world-class technology enterprise, our guiding principles are encapsulated in our name itself. ‘Avekshaa’, a Sanskrit word, resonates with the values of care, observation, and meticulous attention. These are the pillars that define our approach, our ethos, and our commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Why Work With Avekshaa?


Solve highly complex IT problems

Opportunity to work on some of the most complex and highly transacted IT systems in the world – solving real Business problems.


Diversity and Inclusion

It is our conviction that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment makes for a more resilient, agile, and successful company.


Fast Track Career Growth

We highly promote meritocracy and it is the capability on ground and not the number of years which matter to us. Based on your capability you can expect 2x faster growth at Avekshaa compared to a large IT company.


Rapid Learning

At Avekshaa, our vibrant environment offers a fast-paced learning experience. Within just months, you'll acquire insights and skills that outpace years at traditional educational institutions or larger IT corporations.


Promote Innovation

While Avekshaa has grown, we maintain a lean approach, emphasizing the importance of every team member. Here, you're encouraged to think like an entrepreneur. This environment fosters the freedom to take risks, work autonomously, and continuously innovate.


More ownership

You will be part of the close knit team. You will have a sense of ownership that will give you one more reason to take on challenges and learn more.


More satisfaction

Your work will have a direct impact on our Customers Business.

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Message from the CEO

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Some of Our Work

We helped our customer build / engineer one of the largest Digital transformation programs in the world involving 100 million+ users with 20 million concurrency.

We helped our customer re-architect and re-engineer a core Banking product on Cloud and scaled it 10 times.

Our performance engineering team was involved in ensuring an issue-free migration of one of the largest Internet Banking System across the globe.

We helped in optimizing a large Fraud Management System that processes more than 10 Million transactions per day with a time out of 1 sec.

Life Beyond the Desk

Trending Opportunities

We promise you an inclusive work environment where you will fall in love with challenging as well as getting challenged.

Ready to join us in our journey of building a High-end Technology company from India?

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