Digital Experience Monitoring

Continuously Monitor, Manage and Improve Web and Mobile applications to ensure end user experience is pristine and consistent, thereby ensuring happy and loyal customers.

Challenges Businesses Face with Digital Experience Monitoring

In the digital world, there is a wide adoption of Mobile and Web based Business Applications for On-line Customer Transactions. However, digital businesses are facing below challenges:


Lack of end-user experience visibility, leading to customer dissatisfaction.


Loss of customers due to poor experience – in the digital world, customers have multiple choices.


Brand loyalty erodes faster in the digital world.


Lack of tracing of the issues to the last mile.


Lack of actionable insights to fix the performance and reliability problems.


Reactive resolution of the issues after customer complaints.

Our Approach to Digital Experience Monitoring

Avekshaa Technologies through its Digital Experience Monitoring, leverages the power of ML/AI and non-intrusive smart digital agents to provide end to end actionable insights of end-user experience from Web and Mobile apps across all kinds of devices and geographies for Developers, IT/Ops managers, CIOs, Business Owners, and Product Owners. Thereby, helps improve the customer experience and digital adoption.

Avekshaa Technologies leverages its proprietary product appNeura DEM – appNeura Digital Experience Monitoring (3 sub-products for Mobile, Web and Synthetic monitoring) to provide the Digital Experience Monitoring services.

Additionally, we offer managed services for other Digital Experience Monitoring products that are already being utilized by our clients.

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Digital Experience Monitoring - Client Successes

Our unwavering commitment to Digital Experience Monitoring has enabled our clients to amplify the efficiency, dependability, and resounding triumph of their crucial applications.

Digital Experience Monitoring Solution for a Large Bank

A large Bank improved its daily visitor count by 25% and bounce rate 40% by improving the user experience on its Retail Internet Banking application with Avekshaa Technologies Digital Experience Monitoring Solution:

Key benefits delivered to the customers:

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