Functional Testing

Enhancing the quality and consistency of business applications by identifying and addressing functional problems, leading to a flawless application that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Why Opt for Functional Testing?

User Experience First

Functional testing ensures software functionality aligns with user expectations, preventing poor app experiences and user migration.

Guarding Reputation

By avoiding low ratings and negative reviews, functional testing safeguards your brand's reputation and market standing.

Mitigating Revenue Loss

Detecting bugs early through functional testing averts revenue loss caused by user migration to competitors.

Usability Assurance

Functional testing assesses software usability, enhancing user satisfaction and preventing accessibility issues.

Early Detection, Lasting Benefits

Conducting functional testing at an early stage roots out issues, delivering long-term software quality.

Foundation of Success

Functional testing forms the bedrock of software excellence, ensuring consistent performance and positive user response.

Types of Functional Testing Avekshaa Performs

Through our functional testing solution, we provide our clients both manual testing and automated testing solutions. The various types of functional testing that we perform are:

Smoke Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Manual Testing

Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

API Testing

Usability Testing

Regression Testing

Compatibility Testing

Integration Testing

Cross – Browser Testing

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Functional Testing - Client Successes

Accelerating Time-to-Market and Improving Customer Experience: A Case Study of How Avekshaa’s Functional Testing Solution Helped a Retail Company in India successfully launch their E-commerce platform.

A major Indian retail company was launching a new e-commerce platform and was facing significant challenges in ensuring the quality and reliability of the application. Avekshaa’s functional testing solution enabled the company to identify and fix critical defects early in the development cycle, resulting in the below outcomes:

Key benefits delivered to the customer:

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Functional Testing with Avekshaa

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