Application Performance Management

Continuously improve QoS of production applications, proactively improve Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) levels and prevent surprise P-A-S failures for business-critical applications, thus delivering sustained, superior customer experience.

Challenges Businesses Face with Application Performance Management


IT operations becoming very complex – due to Heterogeneous Systems, Digital adoption, Agile Applications, Clouds and Mobile adoption.


As business grows rapidly, applications in the production environment also undergo continuous change in terms of change requests (CRs), volume growth, workload patterns changes, version upgrades, etc. These changes often affect and degrade Performance, Availability and Scalability levels.


Increasing complexity leading to increasing Root Cause Analysis time, resulting in higher downtime, or increasing period of degraded performance.


In spite of multiple monitoring tools deployed to monitor production application, performance, availability and scalability issues continue to impact business, and customer service.


Unplanned downtime adversely impacting user productivity and customer service, resulting in a poor end user / customer experience.


Loss of customers, revenues and profitability due to performance, availability and scalability issues.

Our Approach to Application Performance Management

We’ve revolutionized Application Performance Management to proactively tackle the complexities of the production IT landscape.We’ve meticulously designed our approach to enhance the predictability and reliability of IT systems and applications throughout the entire technology stack, ensuring a seamless operational experience and eliminating unexpected disruptions.

Our distinctive approach hinges on comprehensive full stack observability, encompassing a thorough assessment of Performance, Availability, and Scalability across the entire technology stack. Unlike conventional APM products that often omit crucial components such as databases, load balancers, and networks due to budget constraints, our solution takes a holistic perspective, bridging these gaps to provide a comprehensive overview.

Central to our success is the proprietary P-A-S-S™ Platform, an amalgamation of intellectual properties, advanced methodologies, and a vast knowledge base gleaned from resolving over 5000 performance, availability, and scalability challenges. This platform empowers us to deliver exceptional results, driven by our profound expertise in the P-A-S-S™ Assurance realm.
We extend our full stack observability beyond the surface by actively monitoring and rectifying performance and reliability issues emerging from downstream applications. This proactive extension ensures that potential problems are nipped in the bud, preventing any performance, availability, or scalability setbacks before they arise.
Our Application Performance Management solution is a testament to our commitment to delivering tangible results. Our customers have witnessed remarkable improvements in system availability, service uptime, reduced Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Recover (MTTR), as well as optimized infrastructure and full-stack costs. This culmination of enhancements ultimately drives improved customer service, leading to increased revenue and enhanced profitability for our clients.

Why Partner with Avekshaa for Application Performance Management?

Pioneering Proactive Management

We lead the charge in proactive Application Performance Management, ensuring consistent quality and minimal disruptions.

Unmatched Expertise

Our deep expertise and advanced methodologies drive results, solving over 5000 performance, availability, and scalability issues.

Comprehensive Observability

With full-stack observability, we cover the entire technological landscape.

Seamless Operations

Our approach enhances system reliability, reduces downtime, and optimizes costs, guaranteeing seamless operational excellence.

Business Growth

Elevate customer service, boost revenue, and enhance profitability by partnering with Avekshaa for unmatched Application Performance Management.

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Application Performance Management - Client Successes

Our dedicated emphasis on Performance, Availability, and Scalability has empowered our clients to elevate the speed, reliability, and triumphant success of their business applications.

Application Performance Management Solution for a Bank

Avekshaa delivered an Application Performance Management solution for an Indian bank. Avekshaa helped in improving the Quality of Service across critical-platinum / Tier 1 applications like Internet banking, Mobile banking, Payment apps. CRM, etc. within the bank.

Key Benefits delivered to the customer:

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