Production Performance Troubleshooting

Rapidly isolate, diagnose and solve Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) issues in IT systems / Apps in production, thereby quickly bring business back to normal.

Challenges Businesses Face with Production Performance Troubleshooting


IT failures disrupt business operations, affecting customer service and profitability, causing concern for Business, CIOs, CDOs, IT Ops Managers, and App owners.


As businesses embrace digital transformation, the escalating pace and technological complexity make it challenging to swiftly identify and resolve P-A-S issues.


Rapid isolation of Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) issues in increasingly complex IT systems is crucial for restoring normal business services promptly.


Direct impact on customer service and profitability intensifies the urgency to manage and troubleshoot performance challenges effectively.

Our Approach to Production Performance Troubleshooting

We recognize the urgency and complexity of resolving Production Performance challenges. Our strategic approach is designed to swiftly diagnose, isolate, and conquer issues, ensuring your business systems operate at peak efficiency.

Targeted Problem Solving

Avekshaa's solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges of Production Performance troubleshooting, offering strategies that are directly aligned with enhancing your system's responsiveness.

Swift and Precise Diagnoses

Utilizing our advanced P-A-S-S™ platform and a team of skilled experts, we expedite the identification and diagnosis of Performance, Availability, and Scalability issues within your live IT systems and applications.

Comprehensive Stack Optimization

Our proprietary P-A-S-S™ platform empowers us to rapidly pinpoint affected layers and optimize the entire technology stack—from operating systems and hardware to application servers, web servers, database servers, and peripheral components.

Why Partner with Avekshaa for Production Performance Troubleshooting?

Production Performance Solutions

Avekshaa delivers custom-tailored solutions for Production Performance troubleshooting. Our deep expertise and experience through our SWAT Teams results in quick diagnosis and swift resolutions. Our targeted interventions have brought down the Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) by 30-40%, demonstrating our commitment to swift and effective problem resolution.

P-A-S-S™: Precision-Driven Issue Resolution

Leveraging our P-A-S-S™ platform, we not only rapidly identify but also decisively resolve Performance, Availability, and Scalability issues. This is evidenced by its proven applicability, with a high success rate of more than 90% across independent Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Remedial Corrective Action (RCCA) conducted on mission-critical applications.

Holistic Tech Stack Enhancement

Our proprietary P-A-S-S™ platform is engineered to optimize every layer of your technology stack. Deep experience and expertise across 7 layers of technology have resulted in identifying and solving issues across the entire technology stack: operating system, hardware, network, application servers, web servers, database servers and all peripheral components.

Proven Resolution Expertise: 5000+ Challenges Overcome

Avekshaa's track record boasts the resolution of over 5000 issues, including doubling the processing speed and reducing the response time, during peak hours for a significant banking institution. This showcases not just our ability to tackle complex issues but to do so with a measurable impact on productivity and customer experience.

Elevating Production Performance Troubleshooting

Our partnership goes beyond problem-solving; it revolutionizes Production Performance troubleshooting. For example, our collaboration with a large bank resulted in a service availability of over 99% for UPI transactions, accompanied by an overall improvement in response time for each transaction.

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Averting IT Crises: A Strategic Approach

Performance, availability, and scalability issues in a production environment often lead to a firefighting situation, risking downtime, degraded customer service, loss of brand reputation, business, and revenue.
How can organizations prevent firefighting-like crisis situations in their IT environments? 

To Counter These Challenges, We Offer a Range of Solutions

Digital Experience Monitoring

(Maturity Level 3 & Partially Proactive)

Application Performance Monitoring

(Maturity Level 3 & Partially Proactive)

Application Performance Management

(Maturity Level 5 & Fully Proactive - Gold Standard of IT Management)

Periodic IT System Health Check and Optimization

Maintain peak performance and pre-emptively avert system crises with our comprehensive IT System Health Check and Optimization solution.
Understanding Production Risks: From Stability to Crisis
Consequences of Neglect
To avert these risks, customer should opt for Periodic IT System Health Check and Optimization for all business-critical applications once every 6 to 8 months.

Avoid costly failures, loss of business, and customer service interruptions with Avekshaa's solution of Periodic Performance Audit and Optimization.

Production Performance Troubleshooting - Client Successes

Our unwavering commitment to diagnosing and resolving Performance, Availability, and Scalability challenges has enabled our clients to reclaim system efficiency, ensuring consistent performance and achieving remarkable business outcomes.

Production Performance Troubleshooting for a Large Bank

Performance and down-time issues cripple bank’s productivity across 3000 branches and 10,000 ATMs.

Key benefits delivered to the customer:

Our clients simply love our work

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Continuously improve QoS of production applications, proactively improve Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) levels and prevent surprise P-A-S failures for business-critical applications, thus delivering sustained, superior customer experience.

Continuously Monitor, Manage and Improve Web and Mobile applications to ensure end user experience is pristine and consistent, thereby ensuring happy and loyal customers.

Monitor the performance and reliability of applications in real-time using Application Performance Monitoring (APM) products for diverse platforms and technologies, thereby ensure business continuity for your enterprise.

Ready to conquer the challenges of production performance and optimize your system's effectiveness?

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