Powering IT with High-Speed Performance and Reliability

We help businesses proactively prevent and solve performance, availability, and scalability challenges in IT, thereby safeguarding both revenue & brand reputation.

Powering IT with High-Speed Performance and Reliability

We help businesses proactively prevent and solve performance, availability, and scalability challenges in IT, thereby safeguarding both revenue & brand reputation.

We make our customers business-ready for the Digital age.

Avekshaa Technologies is a leading Application Performance Engineering, Management & Quality Assurance organization. We empower businesses across verticals to focus on growth while assuring unparalleled IT performance and reliability.



Complex Technical Problems Prevented & Solved

5000 +

Complex Technical Problems Prevented &

10 +

Most Complex Performance Engineering Programs Delivered.

90 % +

Customer Advocacy.

150 % +

Average Performance Improvement Across Projects.

50 +

Unique Case Studies.

14 +

Leading Industry Recognitions.

60 +

Leading Enterprise Customers Across Verticals.

30 +

Amongst the World's Most Complex Performance Engineering Projects Delivered.

12 +

Years of Customer Trust.


Patents Awarded by the US Patents Office.

2x to 10x

Return on Investment Delivered.

600,000 +

Hours of Work Delivered.

Avekshaa Solutions

Avekshaa provides Quality of Service solutions across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC): Development, Maintenance, and Production phases, and are adaptable across all delivery models including Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps.

We deliver consistent results in each of our solutions using our P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform. Avekshaa has further made deep investments in Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science to automate RCA, thereby enhancing the speed and efficiency of identifying and recommending effective solutions. This advanced approach ensures our solutions are not only efficient but also cutting-edge, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We partner with global clients in BFSI, Telecom, Retail, and several other verticals, as their extended team, trusted advisor, and Quality of Service (QoS) partner.

Proactively engineer an application with high performance, efficiency & reliability, thereby prevent late discovery of Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) failures in a development program, and hence avoid cost escalations, ensuring time to market for business-critical applications.
Continuously improve QoS of production applications, proactively improve Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) levels and prevent surprise P-A-S failures for business-critical applications, thus delivering sustained, superior customer experience.
Proactively prevent and resolve Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) failures in IT systems / Apps Migration, thus preventing business disruption post migration.

Avekshaa enables businesses in successful digital transformation by ensuring that the new digital IT system / application is fast, efficient and reliable, while proactively mitigating risks related to Performance, Availability & Scalability (P-A-S) failures, through proactive performance engineering

Take performance testing to the next level of maturity, where we not only report Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) issues in IT System / Apps but also conduct deep and detailed RCA to identify the precise issues and help fix them.
Enhancing the quality and consistency of business applications by identifying and addressing functional problems, leading to a flawless application that delivers an exceptional customer experience.
Assists businesses achieve flawless applications through cost-effective and expedited testing cycles with comprehensive coverage and minimal human intervention, providing standardized and consistent automation approaches that ensure high reusability, ease of maintenance, and lower upfront costs.
Rapidly isolate, diagnose and solve Performance, Availability, and Scalability (P-A-S) issues in IT systems / Apps in production, thereby quickly bring business back to normal.
Enables business to achieve scalable, reliable, and sustainable systems through efficient management, problem-solving, and streamlined automation, ensuring seamless application performance under varying loads and peak conditions.
Continuously Monitor, Manage and Improve Web and Mobile applications to ensure end user experience is pristine and consistent, thereby ensuring happy and loyal customers.
Revolutionizing IT delivery by providing comprehensive Performance, Availability and Scalability readiness assessments for seamless cloud migration and enabling businesses to leverage the cloud’s power and innovation while ensuring a fully optimized environment.

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Proactively Prevent Business Disruptions Due to Technology Failures

Choosing a partner to resolve technology issues is about trust. Can you rely on them to handle the complexities of Performance, Availability, and Scalability?

The importance of this question is further magnified when the success of your business relies on the seamless operation of IT systems, leaving no margin for mistakes.

At Avekshaa, we understand these concerns deeply. We’re more than a technology company; we’re your extended team, tailored to your unique challenges. With our innovative P-A-S-S™ Assurance platform and a track record of solving 5000+ problems, we stand ready to help you overcome complex IT challenges.

That’s why our approach, our solutions, and our team are all tailored to perfectly suit your needs, whether you’re in BFSI, Telecom, Retail, or other verticals.

IT Systems Without Proactive Performance Engineering is like a Skyscraper Without a Proper Foundation; It Can't Stand Strong.

In the IT Performance Arena, Proactive Engineering & Innovation Always Win!

So, we only engineer solutions that win. In other words, solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability. To achieve such performance, we delve into every aspect of your technology stack and business needs. We then proceed to create the best strategies possible that will serve the goals set.

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