Prof. S. Sadagopan who is a Founder Director and Head of IIIT-B, joined Avekshaa Advisory Board.

Date: 20th Aug, 2014

Professor is a Technology Guru and World class academician. He has taught at some of the best universities in India like IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore, has delivered guest lecture at the best universities across the world like MIT, Stanford, Purdue, Nijenrode, UWS etc and has authored and contributed 5 books on IT .

Prof. S. Sadagopan will guide Avekshaa on key technology innovations, building the right IPs and micro products leading to our P-A-S-S™ Platform which solves key CIOs problems. Further he will help Avekshaa become a world class company in the high end of the technology space.

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