Meet Our P-A-S-S Platform – The Heart of Our Application Performance Vision.

Meet Our P A S S Platform The Heart of Our Application Performance Vision.

Date: 22th Aug, 2022

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is now crucial for any application in an enterprise. Tracking the relevant data of application performance is essential to understand the true end-user experience and how the application is behaving in a live environment. Though APM tools are sophisticated and technologically advanced, there is always a need for the expertise of APM solution providers and platforms. They can ensure an accurate picture of performance and confirm if the dependencies are being measured for an application and root cause analysis is being done both during production as well as deployment. However, it is also true that many of the agencies called upon to perform this delicate task have siloed expertise and tend to narrow their focus onto one of the elements that matter like performance, availability, scalability, or security.

Along those lines, this article serves to introduce Avekshaa’s P-A-S-S Assurance Platform that offers the capability for a more holistic and integrated examination.

The P-A-S-S Assurance Platform – A Primer

The P-A-S-S Assurance Platform is a technology platform that has been architected to manage the four main pillars that any application should be evaluated on – Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security. The solutions offered by the P-A-S-S platform are independent of programming interfaces, technology stacks used, or the SDLC phase of development that an application might currently be in. The platform solutions can be applied to both on-premise as well as cloud-based applications.

The platform has been built using the company’s intellectual properties, methodologies, accumulated knowledge base of solving more than 4000+ unique problems, case studies, and real-time scenarios.

Performance Modeller IP – COM-P-A-S-S Engineering

COM-P-A-S-S is an automated performance modeller that can be applied to large IT systems both in the production and development stages. The model generates data such as potential failure points, scalability metrics, system demands on infrastructure, capacity projections, and bottleneck data.

Analytics IP – P-A-S-S Analytics

P-A-S-S Analytics is a self-learning, pattern-matching, rule-set-based analytic IP that analyses data of already existing application performance telemetry data across the technology stack and serves data to the customer more intuitively and insightfully. Performance bottlenecks across the technology stack, networks, data connectors, etc., are identified more easily with the help of this platform. This IP automates the analysis of generated APM data for quick detection and mitigation of any performance-related issues and bottlenecks.

Batch Performance Monitor IP – P-A-S-S Batch Mon

Batch processing of data is an integral part of most enterprise-wide applications. The P-A-S-S Batch Monitor gathers available metric data and generates reports of possible degradation of batch processing performance across the enterprise.

End-User Performance Monitor IP – CusExp P-A-S-S

Enterprise applications need to be monitored for customer experience levels. The CusExp P-A-S-S IP analyses the performance of the application at endpoints, simulating operating conditions as experienced by customers, vendors, and employees.

Downstream Application Integration Performance Monitor IP – IntgApp P-A-S-S

Complex enterprise applications comprise multiple applications interlinked with each other. The downgrade of the performance of one application may result in performance degradation of other linked applications. IntgAPP P-A-S-S IP assists in isolating problematic applications that are the cause of performance degradation of other systems within the enterprise.

P-A-S-S Assurance Platform Solutions

Using the IPs, methodologies, live case scenarios, and accelerators, expert platform specialists offer several solutions to enterprises to enhance the performance, availability, security, and scalability of applications being developed or those that are already in production.

Engineering Solutions

Using the P-A-S-S Assurance platform, P-A-S-S solution specialists help programmers develop applications with high-performance metric architectures, thus preventing the late discovery of errors and bottlenecks. For systems already in production, the P-A-S-S solution experts continuously improve the QoS (quality of service) of the deployed application and prevent failures. P-A-S-S engineering solutions also include forecasting and mitigating risks during migration and upgrades of existing applications.


The P-A-S-S consulting solution experts do a comprehensive study of existing architectures, detecting P-A-S-S bottlenecks across the technology stack and resolving the same in the quickest time frame possible. The P-A-S-S independent architecture assessment specialists also help build application frameworks that are scalable, thus meeting future business demands.

Validation Solutions

Using the P-A-S-S benchmarking along with analysis of the existing architecture of an application, workload models, test beds, and complete testing plans are created to validate the performance, availability, security, and scalability of the application under consideration. This validation plan, on completion, provides an accurate benchmark of the state of the system.

Digital Solutions

The P-A-S-S Digital Solution ensures ‘readiness’ evaluations of applications before cloud migrations. Once deployed, optimisations based on metric data, both for cloud infrastructure as well as deployed applications (both at endpoint and backend), are suggested to increase performance and customer experience. Solutions are offered to implement the same said suggested optimisations.

Benefits of Solutions Delivered Over the P-A-S-S Platform

Since performance and customer experience are key to any successful application, the P-A-S-S platform ensures the extraction of maximum value from IT investments, resulting in better ROI and more assured business outcomes. It makes business sense to adopt the P-A-S-S platform across the entire SDLC of any application development taking place within the enterprise to reduce refactoring costs at a later stage. The P-A-S-S platform ensures the proactive mitigation of risks or disruptions due to technology failures. Timely delivery of projects due to the adoption of the P-A-S-S architecture allows for business workflow optimisation. Profitability and customer acquisition are much higher due to the efficiency and reliability of applications that have been developed and deployed using the P-A-S-S platform.

P-A-S-S Platform – Driving Our Application Performance Vision

With over 60 proven case studies and ensuring an average of a 150% increase in performance across projects, the P-A-S-S platform has made its customers ready for the digital age. Plus, with 615,000 hours of work delivered across 62 leading enterprise customers, the P-A-S-S platform is a globally accepted platform for application performance and optimisation. Click here to learn more.

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