Cloud-based core banking services facing multiple outages and unable to handle the volume of 300,000 P-A-S-S Engineering


A large cloud services company offered financial services via a cloud-based core banking product. A rural banking service used by one of its key clients was experiencing severe performance related disruptions. The client’s business activity demanded that 300,000 transactions/day be supported. However, the gateway was choking when the transaction volume exceeded 29,000 transactions/day, requiring multiple daily restarts of the application.


As a result of Avekshaa’s first phase of work, the gateway was stabilized to handle 60,000 transactions/day without disruptions. The database utilization was almost doubled without any additions to the hardware, allowing headroom to effectively handle twice the number of transactions. Memory utilization was also drastically reduced from 70% to 10%.

The second phase focused on a 10x scale-up. A poorly performing system that capped out at 29,000 transactions/day while requiring multiple restarts, now handled 300,000 transactions/day smoothly and without disruptions. Avekshaa delivered a 10x improvement without additional hardware or upgrades, all in an impressively short time of 8 weeks.


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