The Top 10 Software Testing Conferences in 2024 in the USA

software testing conference

Your interest in software testing conferences shows your commitment to staying updated with industry trends.

A key trend in software testing is AI’s role in formulating test cases, automating test data creation, writing code for automated tests, and analysis of test results.

Yet, the swift integration of AI often occurs without adequate training, resulting in subpar outcomes and errors. The conferences highlighted in this article offer valuable insights into the proper use of AI in testing.

Additionally, most of these conferences are virtual and free to attend, making them accessible regardless of your location or budget.

These events have been carefully selected by Avekshaa Technologies, a leader in application performance engineering and quality assurance, for more than a decade.

Let’s get started!

1. Test Automation Summit

When14th May, 2024 
WhereRaleigh, North Carolina
What to Expect • This summit unites top industry experts to share cutting-edge tools and best practices in software testing.
• Participants, from experienced professionals to industry newcomers, will explore current trends and connect with fellow enthusiasts.
How to RegisterThe Test Automation Summit is paid, with a fee of $350 to register.

2. QA Global Summit 24

When21st and 22nd May, 2024
What to ExpectA lineup of 20+ industry experts presenting on subjects like:
Scaling QA Delivery in Tight Deadlines
• OpenAPI specs to executable contracts in seconds

Testing and GenAI
• Human Test Intelligence vs. Artificial Test Intelligence
How to RegisterIt is a paid conference. You can register for the QA Global Summit 24 by paying a fee ranging from $0 to $399, depending on the benefits you want to enjoy.

3. QA or the Highway

When21st June, 2024
WhereColumbus, Ohio
What to Expect• This regional conference is a collaborative platform for QA and software professionals to exchange experiences, challenges, and solutions.
• With its intimate setting, the conference is ideal for building connections and deepening knowledge within the QA community.
How to RegisterQA or the Highway is a paid conference. Register for an Early Bird price of $99. 

4. TestMu Conference

When21st to 23rd Aug, 2024
What to Expect• A community-organized conference, TestMu will have the participation of 30,000+ global testers and developers from 120+ countries.
• With 50+ speakers and 30+ sessions, the event will host exciting challenges, workshops, and group discussions.
How to RegisterIt is a free conference. Register for it from here.

5. STARWEST Testing Conference

When22nd to 27th September, 2024
WhereAnaheim, California + Virtual
What to Expect• This hybrid event features over 75 talks, including keynotes, training, tutorials, and sessions focused on overcoming testing challenges. 
• Connect with peers at networking events and explore the Expo Floor to discover new solution providers.
• “Women Who Test” and “Leadership Summit” at the STARWEST Testing Conference are two landmark events to attend. 
How to RegisterIt is a paid conference. The registration cost ranges from $1995 to $3545, depending on the number of days you visit and the facilities you avail. 

6. Agile + DevOps USA

When13th to 18th October, 2024
WhereOrlando, Florida +Virtual
What to Expect• At Agile + DevOps USA, attendees can anticipate a transformative experience boosting their software efforts.
• Experts will lead the sessions, covering everything from AI and machine learning to agile testing and automation. 
How to RegisterAgile + DevOps USA is a paid event; tickets range from $1995 to $3545. Register for the conference here.

7. PNSQC 2024 Software Quality Conference

When14th to 16th October, 2024
WherePortland, Oregon + Virtual
What to Expect• In its 41st year, the theme for PNSQC is The Future is Now!
The conference begins with workshops on the first day, followed by a technical conference over the next two days.
• The topics of panel discussions are: Process and Methods, Management, Leadership, and PeopleAI/Emerging Technologies
How to RegisterIt is a paid event. Register now for tickets, which range from $499 to $1610, depending on the number of days you attend.

8. Testflix

When19th and 20th October, 2024
What to Expect• The world’s biggest virtual software testing conference will host industry experts from the testing industry.
• Test engineers, developers, test leads, test architects, test directors, founders, and CS IT students can attend the conference. 
How to RegisterTestflix is free to attend. Register here.

9. Testing Stage

When8th November, 2024
What to ExpectThis event offers ten sessions designed for QA professionals, covering various topics, including test automation, security, embedded systems, performance, game testing, and test management.
How to RegisterThe testing Stage is free to attend. Register here.

10. OnlineTestConf

When12th and 13th November, 2024
What to Expect• This online event unites global experts in software testing, fostering innovation and exchanging knowledge.
• Adapting to the industry’s dynamic needs, the conference delivers crucial professional insights.
How to RegisterOnlineTestConf is free to attend. Register here.

You’ve likely shortlisted some events from our list to boost your software testing expertise.

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