Avekshaa Technologies rated between 90% to 100% on “Customer Advocacy” according to an analysis of Customer Feedback Project Reports for the last six years (2013-2018).

Date: 25th April, 2018

We recently analysed Avekshaa’s project feedback reports for the last six years. The data included detailed feedback provided by 20 Unique customers across multiple Projects delivered during the period of 2013 to March 2018.

When asked – “Will you recommend Avekshaa to other customers?” a clean majority (53%) of the customers said that they are “Definite” to recommend us to other enterprises and the rest 47% were “Likely” as in more than happy to recommend us. Overall this scores Avekshaa an outstanding 90% to 100% on Customer Advocacy.

Following graph represents the response statistically :

Will you recommend Avekshaa to other customers

The next important question asked was, “How would you rate the overall work performance of our team?”, in response to this question, team Avekshaa garnered a whopping majority rating of “Above Expectation” proving that their delivery at all levels has been of the highest of standards.

The following graph shows the absolutely delighting results :

How would you rate the overall work performance

CEO of Avekshaa Technologies, Rajinder Gandotra congratulated the team for their sincere passion for customer happiness and expressed gratitude towards Avekshaa’s customers and well wishers. He said that –“I congratulate team Avekshaa for their relentless focus on achieving customer happiness and I am grateful as well as thankful to all our esteemed customers who have shown their support and appreciation over the last six years. If it was not for the encouragement of our customers, we would have never achieved what we have.”

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