Avekshaa Technologies announces new Patent – Monitoring and Measuring Application Performance using Application Index, issued by US Patent & Trademark Office.

Date: 1st Jan, 2020

USPTO Patent titled “System and method for monitoring and measuring application performance using application index”

Avekshaa Technologies, a pioneer in application performance engineering and application performance management, today announced that the United States Patent & Trademark Office has issued the company a new patent.

This patent is for the invention titled, “System and method for monitoring and measuring application performance using application index”.

Brief about the patent:

  • It provides a system and method for measuring the performance of an application using an index (single number). The system includes a plurality of computing devices, an application performance monitoring module, a consumer data center, a customer IT development center.
  • Covers all kinds of computing devices like an internet-of-things (IOT) device mobile phone, an automated teller device (ATM), a laptop, a wearable device, a virtual reality device, a point-of-service device and a smart television.
  • Covers video streaming performance
  • The display includes an aggregated historic performance index and a prediction of the subsequent performance index

Rajinder Gandotra, CEO Avekshaa Technologies stated “We are pleased to strengthen our intellectual property protection with this patent in the space of application performance management”. The grant of the patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by Avekshaa’s team in the space of application performance engineering and application performance management (APM). This patent is used in our DELIGHT product – Digital Experience Management.

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