Application Performance Management in Banking: How We Boosted Payment Success Rate to 99.9% and Scalability by 40% for a Leading Indian Bank?

We’ve often discussed the importance of application performance management in the financial sector. Ensuring seamless operations while enhancing performance and scalability is a major challenge for banks.

One of our prominent clients, a leading Indian bank, faced this issue. They needed to improve the quality of service across critical applications. These included Internet banking, Mobile banking, Payment apps, and CRM systems.

The stakes were incredibly high. The bank needed to improve transaction success rates, scalability, user experience, and productivity while reducing operational costs. Any misstep could lead to severe disruptions, financial losses, and a tarnished reputation.

Their system was a complex network of outdated technology, supported by multiple vendors. Performance bottlenecks were common. Realizing the critical nature of these challenges, the client reached out to us.

We began with a comprehensive analysis of their systems. We identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Our goal was to ensure seamless operation and enhanced performance across all critical applications.

In this article, you will learn how we helped this major bank overcome these challenges. We’ll explore the strategies we employed, the obstacles we overcame, and the impressive results we achieved.

The Challenge

The bank faced several challenges in maintaining the quality of service for its critical-platinum / Tier 1 applications. These included Internet banking, Mobile banking, Payment apps, and CRM systems. The key issues were:

Payment Transaction Success Rate: The bank’s payment transaction success rate was 93.9%, which needed improvement to meet customer expectations.

Scalability Issues: The existing infrastructure struggled to scale efficiently, leading to increased costs and potential service disruptions.

User Experience: Response times across critical scenarios were slower than desired, impacting user satisfaction.

User Productivity: The call center reported a high volume of calls related to performance, availability, and scalability (P-A-S) issues.

Conversion Rates: The loan application to disbursement journey was not as efficient as it could be, affecting the overall conversion rate.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, we implemented our comprehensive Application Performance Management solution. Here’s how we tackled the issues:

Performance Improvement

We conducted a thorough analysis of the bank’s existing systems to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Key actions included:

Optimizing Transaction Processes: Streamlining processes to ensure higher success rates for payment transactions.

Enhancing Response Times: Implementing changes to improve the speed and responsiveness of critical applications.

Scalability Enhancement

We focused on improving the scalability of the bank’s infrastructure by:

Optimizing Resource Allocation: Ensuring efficient use of existing resources to handle increased loads.

Implementing Scalable Solutions: Introducing solutions that could grow with the bank’s needs without significantly increasing costs.

User Experience and Productivity

To boost user experience and productivity, we:

Improved Response Times: Made significant improvements in application response times across critical scenarios.

Reduced Call Center Load: Addressed the root causes of P-A-S issues, leading to a substantial reduction in related calls to the call center.

Conversion Rate Improvement

We enhanced the efficiency of the loan application to disbursement process by:

Streamlining Processes: Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the application process.

Improving User Interfaces: Making the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly.

The results? Improved performance, higher user satisfaction, and reduced costs.

Our Application Performance Management solution delivered significant benefits to the bank:

Increased Payment Transaction Success Rate: Improved from 93.9% to 99.9%.

Scalability Improvement: Achieved a 30-40% improvement in scalability, reducing infrastructure and overall costs.

Enhanced User Experience: Improved response times by 25-30% across critical scenarios.

Increased User Productivity: The call center reported a 95% reduction in calls related to P-A-S issues.

Improved Conversion Rate: Achieved a 20% improvement in the loan application to disbursement journey.

Before We Go

When we started working with this bank, their payment transaction success rate was 93.9%. After our intervention, it soared to 99.9%. Scalability improved by 30-40%, and user experience saw a 25-30% improvement in response times.

To recap, we optimized transaction processes, enhanced response times, improved scalability, and streamlined user interfaces. These changes led to higher quality service with reduced operational costs.

No longer did the bank have to worry about performance bottlenecks or scalability issues. Our interventions ensured their critical applications ran smoothly, providing a seamless experience for their customers.

Making these changes ensured they were investing in the right areas, leading to significant improvements in overall performance and user satisfaction.

Need to ensure your banking applications run smoothly and efficiently? Reach out to us today to discover how our Application Performance Management solutions can transform your business.

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