2015: Businesses will become less enamoured with cloud for cloud’s sake

Date: 11th Dec, 2014

Avekshaa’s Technology predictions for 2015 were covered by First Post and IN.com snapshot:

  • Niche providers will drive the modern IT infrastructure: In 2015, niche technology and solution providers will become binding agents for building a modern IT infrastructure.
  • IT innovation will be driven by emerging IT firms: Way forward, small and emerging IT firms will be the centre of future innovation and shape disruptive solutions.

Customer will engage with technology agnostic specialised players to simplify the IT and increase efficiency in a multi-vendor scenario: The poor IT performance will become a key issue as systems are layered with technology, where any sub-optimal tech layer will impact performance of the entire system, making it difficult is vendor’s focus on their part only, increasing time for issues resolutions and thereby impacting Business. As a result, vendor-agnostic companies will see a boost in business as their services rise in demand. Enterprises will rely on these vendors to provide holistic sight and valuable solution across all IT systems.

  • Strategic approach of integrating the cloud into their environments: In 2015, businesses will become less enamored with cloud for cloud’s sake, but will instead base their strategies on achieving maximum business performance.
  • IT embraces digitalisation: To keep up with the pace of innovation and competition, companies will clasp in the arms of digitalisation in every possible manner. Digitalisation will play a crucial and central role in improving customer service and business growth.
  • IT automation begins to dominate: To managing diverse, complex environments and to deliver fast, flexible services, IT and automation will be the key to meet ever-increasing business demand.
  • End user customer experience would be the key to business growth: End user customer experience will become the centre of the business strategy. IT will strive to deliver faster, reliable and consistent experience to end-users.
  • Traditional industry will adopt integrated multi-channel commerce: The traditional industries will embrace multi-channel focused approach for faster business growth, improving ease of doing business, connect with new-age customers, providing seamless experience thereby bridging the physical and digital world.
  • Proactively manage the IT systems, rather than being driven by it: In the new age digital world the cost of IT failure to business is paramount. Hence more proactive investments budgets will be set aside for on-going improvement of quality of service delivered by the IT systems.

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