Avekshaa featured by TheEnterpriseWorld as – The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021

Date: 30th Mar, 2021

Avekshaa Technologies – Transforming Businesses with Top Notched IT Solutions

The impact of the revolution that has come in the last decade in the field of information technology is visible. Today, by pressing a small push button of a computer, contact can be made from any corner of the world. Today’s era is the era of information technology.

And so, to be relevant in the market and make benefit from the boost in the digital economy, businesses are in continuous search of IT solution providers that can accelerate their growth.

Mr. Rajinder Gandotra, Founding Partner & CEO at Avekshaa Technologies

To cater to the IT needs of businesses, Avekshaa Technologies is offerings cutting-edge IT products and solutions. Avekshaa Technologies is a specialized IT products and solutions company, which is solving the burning problems of the CIOs. In a Digital-connected world any failure in technology, directly impacts a business, its customer services, profitability, and revenues. Avekshaa prevents and solves such problems and proactively improves customer experience and technology efficiency and end-user productivity

Avekshaa continuously manages, improves, and assures the Performance, Availability, and Scalability of complex Enterprise applications, using a proprietary P-A-S-S™ Assurance platform.

In a talk with Mr. Rajinder Gandotra, Founding Partner & CEO at Avekshaa Technologies, we discussed the current industry scenario and how Avekshaa Technologies is transforming their client’s businesses.

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