Avekshaa covered by Exeleon which has the global coverage as - ‘Exeleon’s 100 Best Companies to Watch Out For in 2020’.

22nd July, 2020

Avekshaa Technologies - Tested By Time, Trusted By Clients

Staying ahead is needed, but staying pertinent is crucial for continued growth in IT solutions business. This is something the brains behind Avekshaa Technologies realized pretty fast, even before the actual inception of the company in 2011. This fusion of technological brilliance with the exact present needs of the customers helped the company in shaping their vision and propelled the idea of delivering excellence.

The name, Avekshaa, has a Sanskrit origin that stands for care, observation, and attention, and their solution offering reflect it: Avekshaa is solving the burning issues of the CXO’s due to performance, availability and scalability issues in business-critical application and IT systems. The failure to solve such issues, result in brand, reputation and financial loses to the customers. This is supported by their unique invention named “P-A-S-S™ (Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security) Assurance Platform”.

The foundation lies in the blend of “core IPs from the company, proven methodologies, use case knowledge base, and real-life scenarios.” Its intent is to use the technology to manage “IT complexities as well as to protect and maximize the return on IT investment in an organization.”

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