About Us



Our mission at Avekshaa is to help our clients focus and grow their business and profitability by making their IT systems secure, faster and predictable.


To be the leading global niche provider of P-A-S-S™ (Performance, Availability, Security, Scalability) assurance solutions that will transform our customer's IT delivery, paving the way for better business results.


We believe that our mission should always be steered by the following values:

  • Care and
    We believe that our employees are our greatest asset in the Avekshaa ecosystem; they go to extraordinary lengths to deliver for our customers and treating them with care and courtesy is our primary responsibility. Care and courtesy for all stakeholders should be emphasized and not just the employees.
  • Trust and
    We aim to earn the trust and respect of our customers, employees and partners and these are the reflective qualities we repose in them.
  • Integrity
    and honesty
    The fundamental values that we believe are the tenets of every ethical business.
  • Delivering
    We consider this a default value that we aim to deliver on a daily basis.