Avekshaa Technologies is a next-generation specialized information technology products and solutions company with offerings to proactively manage and continuously improve the Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security (P-A-S-S™) of complex, business-critical applications and IT systems of leading enterprise clients across the globe. Our performance engineering and assurance products and solutions help organizations with early detection and prevention of technology failures, and to extract the maximum value from their hardware and software investments. Our vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic approach allows us to partner with global clients in the role of a trusted advisor.

Avekshaa pioneered a paradigm shift in the way the Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability (P-A-S-S™) requirements are delivered to business critical applications and IT systems. Avekshaa's unique, core technology platform "P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform" uses an innovative and disruptive approach to manage IT complexities, and to safeguard and maximize the return of IT investment of an organization. The P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform is best suited for wide range of IT systems and applications; from complex integrated environments to off-the-shelf application suites, from legacy applications to cloud solutions, with current as well as new IT systems. The platform is built using company's core IPs, proven methodologies, knowledge base of use cases, and real life scenarios.

Our P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform-led solution:

  • Provides predictive capability for early detection of issues and continuous improvement in the Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Helps prevent and rapidly resolve Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security (P-A-S-S™) related issues across all layers of the technology stack.
  • Enables in-depth evaluation of P-A-S-S™ from an architectural perspective and identify practical solutions for transforming the system efficiency.
  • Unlocks complexities of integrated applications that use heterogeneous technologies in multi-vendor scenarios, thereby making it easy to isolate and resolve complex issues.
  • For applications where source code is not accessible, the platform can identify issues in impacted technology layer and supporting it with sufficient empirical analysis. This data driven approach helps you to engage relevant vendors in deploying timely fixes and to provide faster resolution for complex technology issues.
  • Uses a proven and consistent approach to ensure that IT systems are consistently engineered and managed to deliver peak performance always.

Some of the key business benefits that Avekshaa offers:

  • Extract maximum value from IT investments, resulting in a better ROI
  • Enhanced customer experience and employee productivity through faster, more efficient and reliable IT systems and applications
  • Improved time to market of new business initiatives, as timely IT delivery is assured
  • Proactive mitigation of the risks of business disruptions due to technology failures
  • Improved profitability, customer service, and operational efficiency

Avekshaa provides products and solutions across all phases of the Application Life Cycle: development, maintenance, and production phases, and are adaptable across all delivery models (e.g. Agile, DevOps, etc.)

Avekshaa provides a wide range of benefits to its customers through solutions across the following business towers:

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