About Us


Passion for technology and building meaningful businesses is the genesis of Avekshaa. We had the industry experience and also a crystal clear vision of the imprint we wanted Avekshaa to have; to build an organization that would be our legacy.

When the internet first started to become the backbone of business engagement both B2B and B2C, the focus was on ensuring software functionality. The current wave of focus and innovation is around non-functional requirements – performance, availability, security and scalability (P-A-S-S™). Having understood the criticality of performance engineering and management in our previous roles, we set out on the Avekshaa journey; to tackle performance challenges that customers deal with in a manner that inspires trust and confidence while resolving the performance issues in the least possible time.

As we set out to build a world-class technology enterprise, we define our core values and strength in our name 'Avekshaa' - a Sanskrit word that means care, observation and attention.


Rachit Raj

"You either do things averagely or you do things outstandingly. People falling into the latter group would be keen to be associated with Avekshaa. I am Rachit Raj and I have always been in awe of the BFSI sector and especially the rate at which IT has boomed in this industry. I was lucky to have started my career with Finacle, a banking based solution where I could integrate my technical skills with the functional domain.

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Gaurav Naik

"What!! a Startup Company ??" My mom uttered when I first broke the news in my family . It was hard to explain to her why I would want to do that and what satisfaction in a job would do to my career. So here was I @ Avekshaa a startup company . After working hard in Big IT companies in Mumbai I always felt as a grain of salt in the big scheme of things. Everything changed once I joined here. When I was about to join I never knew what to expect and had my fair share of butterflies in my stomach.

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